Anna Bochkova, Mattis Dallmann, Priska Engelhardt, Heiko Lietz, Jonas Mannherz. 

29/07 — 07/08/2022

The colloquialism ‚Silver Lining‘ stands in for a hopeful prospect. ‘Lining’ by itself refers to the inside of clothing as well as wall, as line-ing it colud also be understood as a praxis of drawing lines, of connecting, of weaving and of creating nets.  

In the inaugural exhibition of GASTGARTENGALERIE all these aspects meet. The exhibition translates the logic of GASTGARTEN magazine into the architectural space. With each issue the interdisciplinary magazine approaches a specific topic by bringing together different points of views and disciplines. The exhibition brings together contributors from past issues as well as the upcoming issue, namely: Mattis Dallmann for the issue on the vestimentary, Anna Bochkova for the issue on spatiality and Priska Engelhardt for the issue on non-human others. The exhibition is rounded out by works of the editors Jonas Mannherz and Heiko Lietz.