OPENING: 23/11/2022 6PM

The exhibition will be open from 24/11 to 27/11 ° 4 – 7PM
Other dates – including Sunday 28/11 – upon request.

Forming, Storming and Norming describes the first stages of group development. The theory, first published by Bruce Tuckman, is frequently quoted in psychology and education textbooks: Groups form after an initial phase of orientation, and once they solidify, tensions arise and must be solved, before the cohesive working process starts. Similar interaction patterns occur when groups of objects come together. They orientate and are orientated by each other, they orientate bodies and the space they are in. They create tensions, they point towards other things, they may get resolved, altered or reflected on. In Forming, Storming, Norming Karla Zipfel and Heiko Lietz bring groups of objects together that both reflect and specify these motives through their individual practices. Drawing on consumer aesthetics through textiles, ceramics, metal or varnish surfaces, the volatile groups of objects reflect on social norming procedures and their transmission through fashion, technology or interiors.